Package Additions

RentHighSpeed offers many package additions: Lenses, Lighting, and Other Accessories.

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From High-quality Cine Lenses to Versatile Zooms


Rokinon Cine DS - $40/day

  • 10mm T3.1

  • 14mm T3.1*

  • 16mm T2.2

  • 35mm T1.5*

  • 85mm T1.5*

  • 100mm T3.1 MacrO*

  • 135mm T2.2*

Full Cine Set - $200/day

(comes in hard case with custom foam)

SIGMA ART Zoom - $60/day

  • 18-35mm f1.8

  • 50-100mm f1.8

CANON L-Series Zoom - $60/day

  • 24-105mm F4 IS*

  • 70-200mm f2.8 IS II*

* These lenses provide Full Frame coverage.

Please ask for bulk discounts or multi-


Metabones Speed Booster

Increase Field of View and exposure by almost a full stop!

The Metabones Speed Booster will adapt any Full Frame Canon EF Lens to the Sony E Mount on the Sony FS700. It achieves this my reducing the full frame coverage of the lens to cover the Super35 sensor size of the camera. Doing so results in a wider field of view, and a brighter image by about 1.6x!

Works best with the following Lenses:

  • 14mm T3.1

  • 35mm T1.5

  • 85mm T1.5

  • 100mm T3.1 Macro

  • 135mm T2.2

  • 24-105 F4

  • 70-200 F2.8

Crop Sensor Lenses can also be used on the Metabones, but vignetting may occur and you could lose the ability to focus at infinity.

Pricing: $40/day



WHen it comes to high-speed, there's never too much light



  • 30W  Daylight LED Fresnel - $35/day

  • 150W Daylight LED Fresnel - $65/day

These lights are Daylight 5600K balanced, and dimmable (dimming may cause flickering at certain frame rates).

The 30W can be powered by Sony NP style batteries.

The 150W can be powered by any battery with a D-Tap, such as V-Lock.


Shogun Inferno

Up to 4K RAW and faster workflow

The Shogun Inferno can be utilized in different ways, depending on the camera.

For our FS700, it unlocks DCI 4K 120fps and 2K 240fps in both RAW and ProRes formats.

For the Phantom cameras, it can record a 10-bit 4:2:2 1080p signal from their HD-SDI ports. This dramatically speeds up workflow for Phantoms. This includes the Miro LC320S and v642.

Multiple recording formats available, including ProRes HQ and Cinema DNG. Will come with a 1TB SSD.


Day Rate: $80 - Weekly Rate: $320 - Monthly Rate: $800