phantom v642 square.jpg


  • Phantom v642 Body (16GB RAM)

  • PL-Mount, EF-Mount, and C-Mount

  • 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm Lenses for C-Mount

  • Wireless Remote Control Unit

  • AC Power Adapter and Ethernet Cable

  • Break-Out-Box and Trigger Cable

  • PCC Software and User Manual

  • Top Handle and Cheese Plate

  • Additional Accessories Available in Package Additions

Phantom v642

Equivalent to the popular Phantom Flex, the v642 delivers excellent 2.5K image quality and very fast frame rates. The Dual HD-SDI can play back a clip and preview live simultaneously.

  • 1,600 frames per second at 2.5K 1440p

  • 2,500 frames per second at 2K 1080p

  • 5,300 frames per second at 720p

  • Over 200,000fps at lower resolutions.

  • PL-Mount, EF-Mount, and C-Mount

  • (High-Dynamic Range LOG in RAW Format.

  • EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) mode.

  • 16GB Internal RAM

  • Wireless Remote Control Unit

  • Dual 4:2:2 HD-SDI or Single 4:4:4 HD-SDI


  • Day Rate: $600

  • Weekly Rate: $2400 (7 days)

  • Monthly Rate: $6000 (30 days)

Note: The day packaged received and the day the package is sent back out are each considered 1/2 days. For example, a package received on Monday and shipped back out Tuesday would be a 1-day rental. A package received on Monday and shipped back on the following Monday would be considered a 7-Day (Week) rental.


Add the Shogun Inferno For Faster workflow!

The Shogun Inferno allows you to both monitor and record a full 1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 signal from the Miro and v642, speeding up workflow on set and in post. No waiting for downloads!

The 7" OLED 1080p monitor displays a very bright, vibrant image with minimal glare!

Several recording formats are available including ProRes HQ and Cinema DNG to a 1TB SSD.

Day Rate: $80 - Weekly Rate: $360 - Monthly Rate: $800